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Cupertino Eyeglass Repair
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                                                              Repair Sunglass Arm

 Same-day pick-up & delivery eyeglass repair service

(No Extra Charge)

               *most repairs are picked up and delivered the same day


Schedule A Pick Up Below

 Schedule a pick-up here for same day repairs


Pick-up times are from


 Delivery time 

Delivery times are from



or come by and get them repaired ( by appointment only)  call (408) 348-1900

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Free Starbucks gift card at pick-up

* Starbucks gift cards are given out by the drivers,and are not at the repair shop.

zeiscofreedelivery.jpg (259×194)Free Eyeglass pick-up delivery service     

Home or Office 


zeiscoultrasonicleaning.jpg (249×202)

Free Ultrasonic deep Cleaning of Frame



Mail-in Eyeglass Repairs ( Free Prepaid Shipping Label Provided)


                            Broken Eyewire       Broken Nosepad (metal)             Broken Arm        Rimless Repair    Sunglass Lens Replacement

 broken nosepads
 broken glasses
 eyeglass repairs
 broken eyeglass lenses
 broken sunglass repair
Convert  from straight temples( arms) to sports or cable temples  / Add adjustable nosepads to you plastic frame              Replace damaged Lenses Repair  sunglass arm

Frame and Lens Repair

 Lens Replacement and Frame adjustment


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